Only Date Bastards

Hi I’m new to Talent is Timeless. Hope to get to know you all better over the coming months.

This song is based on the Selfish Gene idea that our actions are driven by the need for our genes to survive and be passed on the next generation. See ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins. It’s disturbing and comforting in a Circle of Life sort of way.

Only Date Bastards – Lyrics
We all need to share. Have a system to care.
For the souls that are lost and broken.
Work as group. Unfurl that parachute.
With actions real and not token.
But I know in my genes. I’ll be a person of means.
Who won’t rely on a handout.
I need a partner who’s tough. Knows how to fight rough.
Pushing to be the standout.

That’s why I Only Date Bastards.

Build a consensus of views. And bring us good news.
A cheerleader for the Nation.
Someone who’ll stand proud. And shout it out loud.
With a rousing, ringing oration.
To sweeten the pills. Push through the bills.
Takes someone ruthless, beguiling.
Who can play different parts.
Pull the strings to our hearts.
Wield the knife whilst always smiling.

That’s why I always Vote for Bastards.


  1. Good song, with a well-written, thought-provoking lyric. It is refreshing to have such a different song style from most of the material written for the challenges. By the way, on the YouTube page, it says that it was uploaded two years ago, so I think it should be in the ‘catalogue’ section of the challenge.