Old School

An older people’s housing unit, just down the road from our house, stands on the site of our children’s promary school.


  1. Lovely, poignant song Dave. This is a very clever angle on the ‘Childhood Memory’ theme. The words are deceptively simple, as the song is full of evocative images, and the last two lines are particularly resonant. Excellent.

  2. Beautiful lyrics, Dave. I love to see youngsters in care homes & with the elderly, the former drawing into the station as the other prepares to leave. Performed with your signature tenderness.

  3. Thank you for the kind comments. Suzanne, your description of the youngsters in care homes – a teasing insight into my imagined scene, where it was only the ghosts of the children for whom thsi was their school – or perhaps not? Iwas my wife Jackie who sowed the idea – ‘I wonder if they ever hear the children?’ – I stored that and the theme gave me reason to put it into song. A few days after, we were at Quarry Bank Mill, now National Trust. The people who worked there, who included chidren, were treated well by the standards of the time but still it was life unimaginable to us now – and I wondered if you could ever hear the voices of the many children whose childhoods were spent working in the Mill………………………….