Oh Why

I got this idea for a little piano riff in late July and recorded the piano a guide vocals in early August. I had Aeron Z Jones staying for a week in early august and we finished it off.

Originally, the vocals were just place marks and were going to be replaced by the real lyrics, but they stuck and didn’t require changing – I thought I’d trust my subconscious!

The song is about someone who has done something very wrong and now has to leave.

Apologies for the video. This is what happens when you start filming without a plan! 😂


  1. Love that Ervin.
    The lyric works just fine. The Oh Why line is haunting as is the the keyboard sounds which all those great delays and reflections bouncing around the stereo. Nice one 👌😁

  2. That’s quite a recording set up yo have there! The piano riff is really haunting and catchy and then over it the song builds really nicely. I agree with Paul Fincken this would make a great TV mystery drama theme

  3. I Liked that, Ervin. the riff really set the song off and we have all had that ‘oh why’ feeling – great – The video didn’t matter, great set up though – I have enough trouble just posting with doing a video and trying to put the song over it (look complicated). Anyway, well done.

  4. I really like the “oh why” I think it’s tempting to pack lyrics in but giving a bit a space for repetition works really well. Love the piano motif and gorgeous production very atmospheric.

  5. There are so many things to like about this Ervin. Some great melodic and instrumental hooks. The production is first class and the harmonies are lovely. Liked the orchestral stabs at the end too.