The Fool On The Hill meets the FOMO generation 😎


  1. Dug the drumming beat in this one and at how well it complemented the telling words in the lyric. Nice story ride from the get-go that unfolded in a world of delightful song magic. Fab end with that sole guitar.

  2. You got it, Steve. Had its title from the get-go always been “Now,” or had their been others that met the cutting-room floor before you decided to go with that one?

  3. Hi Chris, it started out with a completely different lyric and was called ‘Leftover Love’ but I was going through a phase of getting on me own nerves with negativity so I re-wrote the lyric from scratch. This is one of the few times that this has worked for me, usually there is something about the way the tune arrives wearing its own lyric that make them inseparable, in my head anyway. 😎