Northern Star


  1. That’s a tidy song Doug. Agree with James about the balance. I am too loud in my guitar playing for my voice so I try to set a mic up into an amp but set quite high up so it’s nearer my voice if you know what I mean. Still enjoyed the song though.

  2. Wish my fingers still had the strength to bend notes!. Lovely guitar playing. And your voice is spot on too although I agree with what the others have said about levels. I’ve had my mobile balanced on piles of books and all sorts to try to get the mic nearer my mouth and further away from my mouth. It’ a rather risky business.
    A change or break in the middle could work well to. In my rather unimportant opinion. 🤣🤣

  3. A confident performance and lovely romantic song. I have the opposite issue normally; my vocals drown out my guitar. I’ve no tech, so I’ve tried putting the usb mic is nearer my guitar this month. I wish my playing was as accomplished as yours!