Next Time Around

I love the chords we’ve been asked to use in this month’s #chordchallenge. This is a torch song I\’ve written to deploy them, Next Time Around.


  1. Hi Hugh, Love your guitar playing – you are certainly not daunted by the chord challenge! This is a lovely gentle song, that I guess us ‘oldies’can relate to, with ‘what might have beens’.. and maybe ‘what could still be’. Great stuff. Cheers, Phil

  2. Beautifully wistful tune and lyrics. You’ve managed to use all those chords (and more) very naturally, and it never sounds forced. I’m envious of the way you can use barre chords with such little apparent effort.

  3. Magical, Hugh, and that ending is sooo beautiful. It’s the perfect ending to a jewel of a sad, wistful song, full of longing. The hopeless hopefulness we’re left with after dreaming about those things we know will never be.