Neon Angel

I’ve always loved old silent movies and the stars of that early era. Some went on to star in “Talkies.” Others were unable to transfer that success. However, all shone brightest under the multi colored,”artificial neon lights.” Just as the neon eventually burned out, so did their mystique, and for many their fame and fortune……….Shine On Neon Angel!


  1. I love the idea of this lyric, Steve, its title, how so fab all plays, and novel it sounds in today’s music world! And those silent-era clips, how cool seeing them in step with this song. Such a great feel in this lyric, too, as it suggests sadness over an era long gone, while at the same time pays homage to those of that gone yesteryear. Brilliant, man! Just like we find in The Kinks’ classic “Celluloid Heroes,” with its mix of sadness and homage all wrapped into one to bring forth a great storytelling song, so, too do we hear that in your “Neon Angel” with its catchy “Shine on Neon Angel” line. Nice work!