My Hero

I wrote “My Hero” in 1982 for my older brother Richard M. Geddes. Over the years I’ve recorded this song several times, however, this time was most meaningful given his recent passing on April 10, 2022. As this song reflects, he was an important figure in my life, very intelligent and a great role model. I could go on and on….. I miss him. His birthday is June 10th….This one goes out to you big brother….
“My Hero” has some nice finger picking guitar parts that I recorded playing my Martin D35 at Studio Guitar in Richmond Virginia where I teach.


  1. You really touched my heart with your song, Michael. Whether our childhood experiences are good or bad, the roots are deep within us. Losing a brother or sister is losing a part of us. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Anniversaries are never easy and bittersweet as we cherish memories through the longing. Such a beautiful song and tribute.

  2. Beautiful track and story of fond memories. Love the picking and the simplicity of the song which also happens to be sung so well. The subtle arrangement extras such as the strings, accordion, vocal harmony etc are all balanced in the mix and add texture without interfering with the song’s beautiful simplicity.