My Guitar and Me

I’m a bit of an activist and every time I’m emotional about something I turn to the guitar to write about it. So this song is about that. I wrote it 2 years ago but I couldn’t see anything in the rules about it being a new song, so I hope this qualifies. Apologies now for my terrible voice and novice guitar skills. I’ve only been playing since 2018.


  1. Hiya, some purists think that we should write a fresh song for each challenge, but I don’t see why; after all, who else knows when you wrote it! Nice song, There’s something about a guitarist and their guitar isn’t there? You capture that sentiment. I love your voice too, a little bit like Melanie, whose voice I adore. Ive been playing guitar since 1973, and I’m still useless, so good for you to learn so quickly. Cheers.

  2. Let your guitar, voice and heart sing loud and proud, Neet. I don’t think there’s any better reason to write. A song can touch hearts and minds in a way nothing else can. Keep writing, singing and changing this world. It needs more people like you. 💜

  3. Be very very careful, learning to play guitar is like Alice down the rabbit hole, who knows where it will lead!! Keep it up, your song put a smile on my face and therefore it did everything a song has to do. Thanks