My Comfy Chair

Firstly congratulations to John and Chris for winning the last challenge and for setting this Comfort/Disturb challenge.
My take on it is about sitting here in relative comfort and being concerned/disturbed about how many in this country and around the world have nothing and are exploited by Governments, Religions, Criminals etc.
I wrote this yesterday and this is a simple one take on my phone completely unplugged and with a couple of glitches, but I felt I wanted to capture it in it’s rawest state.
I will add lyrics in the comments section


  1. My Comfy Chair

    I sit in my comfy chair
    Watching the news
    Stories of human distress
    What can we do?

    Displaced by a changing world
    They wander the globe
    In search of a greater good
    But where can they go?

    They told them to follow
    Believe in the light
    All they gave them was false hope
    And fed them with lies

    Devestated by climate and war
    Floods and Fires abound
    Bombs explode in the name of a god
    Shattered lives all around

    Repeat chorus

    Still here in my comfy chair
    I feel so ashamed
    What kind of world have we helped to evolve?
    Is it all one big game?

    Instrumental – as intro

    The rich getting richer still
    While the poor starve and bleed
    Is there something out there for them?
    Is there a sign to believe?

    Repeat chorus

    Outro – as intro

  2. Interesting full piece that captures so much in a telling way, Huw! I liked your use of the storyteller singing about sitting in a comfy chair, fearing all the goings on and also questioning the world around them. That’s such a powerful, meaningful, revealing image, for, even though one may not be on the front lines of anything, fear, strife, and uncertainty is still a raging battle they must fight to survive, if even only just forever sitting in their comfy chair watching and wondering. Nice lyric performance, too, and accompanying guitar play!

  3. Like it Huw. Some lovely guitar licks in amongst an immediate melody. The title suggests a “comfort” song but you deliver something different and angry which increases the effect.

  4. No one could feel comfortable, sat in a chair, watching the news on television, as your sincere, dramatic song makes clear. A good song that holds the attention with some fine guitar work to add to its drama.

  5. A heartfelt performance & impressive guitar accompaniment, Huw. Your song captures the sense of helplessness & guilt so many of feel in the face of the tragedies we see everyday in the world around us. Disturbing indeed.