Music Maker

Original song written for the “All I really want” workshop in May 22. As per usual, lyrics are my nemesis, welcome thoughts. Musical arrangement is mandolin, bass, drums and organ all by me / logic. Lyrics below:
Is it the money that you make
Is it the famous friends you’ve made
Is it the job that shows the world that you’ve made it
is it the fancy car that you drive
Is it your house that give you pride
Is it the beauty parlour smile that make you feel pretty

What does it really mean anyway
When you say that your happy with your life?

All I really want
Is to feel alive each day
To lift my voice and sing
And never feel afraid
I don’t need no diamond rings
Or a gold card or two
All I wanna do
Is make music for you

I want to heal the sick
Cast poverty aside
Silence the corrupt and put fairness in our lives
I want to see the world
Explore hidden little lisles
Learn to fly above the clouds and maybe deep sea dive

But what can I really do anyway?
There is only one thing that I know?


The greatest gift to me, aside from family
Is having music coursing through my blood
I want live my life in sound
Creating and space
An escape from reality