Moving On


  1. Tracy, WOW! Real, Real, Really Real. Oh how I wish I was thirty two again with all of the passion, guts and strength that made me who I was then, I’d truly work to make you a star! But, even though I’m broken, botched and bungled and dying to boot and turn 60 on the 23rd of March, I’ve still got enough fearlessness and guts left in me to offer you something that ‘maybe’ no one else can or will here or anywhere else! I have created an alternative folk punk rock virgin, digital record company called, ‘Black Dog Disc’s’ and I’m currently building my recording studio and will have it finished in the next few months ready to be used. If you’d like to consider becoming the first artist on the label I’d be willing to offer you that today! (sadly, currently there’s no big cash or cheque to join, but, if you’re interested it’s more about creativity, passion and joy rather than profit, fiscal reward or monetary gain – of course, anything is possible) Likewise, I’d be willing to offer you the full unlimited use of the recording studio regardless of your decision to join the label collective or not. Like this, you can produce, engineer and mix and master your own debut album or, a ‘new’ debut album if you’ve other past wonders under your belt on audio. Either way, you’re absolutely most sincerely welcome to come to use the studio at no cost to you for your projects, work or recording. I’d be honoured to host and guest you should you decide to come all the way to the North East of Scotland to record and create in, ‘The Black Dog Sound Machine’. Finally, I’ve proposed a M2M collaboration called, ‘Lonely, Lost, Left’ an album with a mental health theme. Your entry is in my opinion exactly the type of song that would fit and work seamlessly on the planned album. If you’re interested in any or all of my spontaneous outpourings (that’s high functioning autism for you) please get in touch or connect with me here. My email is: – Finally, WOW! our voice and arrangement is truly super-fantastic and is in my humble opinion, one of the best songs I’ve heard from anyone in a long time. And, because I’m me, I mean everything I’ve expressed! I’d be honoured to help, support and assist you in anyway possible Tracy so that others can hear what I’ve heard today. You also, deserve to shine, to jump and to play with your own new life as you choose and, so, if you want, I’m here…

  2. Terry, thankyou for listening and for your very kind feedback and support! I’m touched that it has prompted such an enthusiastic reaction and kind offer. I wish you success with your song entry, your project and much enjoyment using your new studio! Sounds like a dream come true. I fear you are too far away. We have to do what we can to make our lives be a reflection of who we really are eh? Keep going! Thankyou again! Tracy

  3. Honest open words, wearing your heart on your sleeve…. that can only touch others ….. sweet harmonies transform any sad reflections to positive future plans. Great Tracy. It’s clear you have written other songs before & will continue to write as that is life?

  4. Thankyou Monica, I’m glad you liked it and I really appreciate your comments! That’s interesting that you described it as a conversational approach. I hadn’t really thought about that until you said! Lol.

  5. A truly great song, you have a brilliant voice, a really lovely tone. the lyrics are very touching and speak volumes. Good luck with the competition Tracy, you are a strong contender in my opinion.