This morphed into a parody of Alanis Morrisette’s ’Ironic’ after starting out as a few loose chords
It’s a rough and ready version which takes a swipe at those who buy all the exercise gear, join the gym, spend all the money….when they could just go out for a run for free!!!


  1. I smiled so much through this, Simon. Your rhymes and observations are very witty and it’s a great song to choose to parody. I much prefer forest runs but must admit to having a couple of items of “ath-leisure wear”, as they all it. I’ve avoided Fitbits and Strava however. (Other fitness devices are available ?).

  2. Thanks Kyle, thanks Suzanne.
    There is a great Australian comedy sketch/ song all about active wear (I promise I didn’t steal any of their material). I willl se if I can dig it out for you. I hope the Summer is improving for you