Morning Lover

Here's my effort for the #Lovesongchallenge. There's been quite a bit of talk on the FBook page about song length. Well I've cut this one down from 6 minutes to just under 4 and a half.
I wonder if anyone will listen all the way through and work out who or what the song is about


  1. Intriguing! I won’t make any suggestions, as they may seem like a plot spoiler. But I’m listening to this at a quarter to eight in the morning, and my stomach is starting to rumble! Well done Huw – great take on the theme.

  2. Any song that has the words ‘saucy little number’ works for me! I listened all the way through, and I’m none the wiser (though I have an idea). Either way, I enjoyed the song very much. Cheers.

  3. Huw, I love it, this has reminded of a daft song I cobbled together in about 1992 which I never recorded and don’t have the words written down anywhere about a grape based beverage so I’m going to dredge the darkest deepest synapses to see if I can resurrect. Just off for tea and biccies. To late for a pork related delicacy!