Missed Opportunity (Just the Right Choice)

A song based on a story a friend told me about an incident when he was in a band at university. Lyrics – Missed Opportunity (Just the Right Choice)

1990 something our band got a gig
At the student union bar
Halfway through the show I went back to my room
For a light for my cigar
I felt someone behind me as I walked across the hall
Opened my door she followed me through
From her actions her intentions were clear
But all I could think of was you

So I made my excuses, went back to the bar
Played the rest of the set
We played Sultans of Swing, the crowd went wild
But we weren’t finished yet
Then after the gig and I sat with the boys
At the bar for an hour or two
Went back to my room, she was laid in my bed
But all I could think of was you

Then I panicked, ran through the door
Down the hall to the stairs
Didn’t know where I was heading for
Didn’t know or care
So I sat on the stairs then wandered a while
Trying to work out what to do
Go back to my room, see what unfolds
But all I could think of was you

Then I wound up on the seventh floor
A dozen steps from your door
I knocked once, you were still awake
“What have you come here for?”
So I told you what was going on
About the girl downstairs
You looked me straight in the eye and said
“Well you can’t stay there!”

So I went to try Davy’s room
Two doors down from my own
Can I sleep on your floor
Is there a blanket you could loan
So we sat drinking to the early hours
It seemed the thing to do
he said “What you gonna do about the girl in your room”
But all I could think of was you

So next morning I stepped out of his room
Then jumped straight back like a clown
There she was walking down the hall
Wearing my dressing gown
I didn’t ask what’s going on
As she headed towards the loo
I just sat down in Davy’s chair
Because all I could think of was you

I’ve often wondered what happened to that dressing gown

Did she keep it

Did she bin it

Was it some weird trophy of hijacking someone’s room

I never knew her name
I don’t remember her voice
Was it a missed opportunity
Or just the right choice?


  1. Firstly, a lovely guitar and you sure know how to get the best out of it. I can really relate to this song, really takes me back to my time at university, and some of the things we got up to. Happy days, even if things didn’t always worked out as we planned. Cheers.

  2. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It had to be a song from the moment he told me the story and in that respect almost wrote itself. That’s why I had the time to add the other instruments (three very different six strings a bass and a tiny tambourine!!)

  3. What a great story and one I can relate to, if only my grandchildren knew what grandad was getting up to 50 years ago!! Musically I would have introduced the slide guitar later on in the song.

  4. Thanks Ian. It was a different world then wasn’t it!!! I agree about the slide, I feel it gets a bit repetitive too (partly due to my limited skill with it!) but by the time I had realised all that it was nearly midnight and I had had enough!!!!

  5. Chivalry, romance and the mystery of the dressing gown all wrapped up in one song! Such a great story that grew more gripping as it unfolded. I really enjoyed listening, Andy. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, eh?

  6. Well Andy, the stuff that happens to people. Neatly crafted lyrics tell the story really concisely. I like the mix with the delicate slide guitar. So the real love story was her attraction to the dressing gown (?)

  7. Thanks Suzanne, Linda and Bernard, glade you liked the song! It was the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle conversation that led to him telling the story! And yes, it probably was all about the dressing gown!!!🤣