One uke, one voice, one take (well, two out of three isn’t bad!) I have stripped everything back this month because I have done the usual trick of taking too much on. Anyway, it’s a simple song with playful lyrics which was fun to do and did not take much time. I am always interested in making a play on words so “reflections” is a great one to conjour with. I managed to pack in quite a few double meanings in the lyrics and avoided any double entendres at the same time. If I find time I will add the lyrics later. – hope you like it!


    1. Thanks Kris,
      Not my best work I admit but thanks for the positive comment. I just don’t think that a ukulele is enough to carry a song through so I’ll be adding more/different instruments in future. A guitar has the advantage of the bass notes whereas uke is all in the higher range. However, that doesn’t account for my effort being rather average this time round.

  1. Actually, i rather liked this. The uke is largely a percussive instrument and you’ve kept a really good rhythm going throughout. I’m into ukes at the moment. ?
    Anyway. I felt the slid notes in your voice helped to balance it. It’s about the song. So if my head puts in a sympathetic bass line and perhaps an accompanying guitar, to round out the sound, you have a very decent song. Clever, interesting, amusing lyrics. Imaginative. Well played. ?

  2. A clever concept Simon. There are some well crafted lyrics in there. Like Heather I can hear another instrument bass/guitar to fill it out. Its amusingly harsh, well that may be just my sense of humour. 🙂