Mirror, Mirror

Short sweet song, reflecting on how we change as the years pass by. What's in your mirror?


  1. I’ve got a cold, so didn’t fancy making another video of me gurning to camera, so apologies for the slightly abstract short film… I’m trying to make songs that are less vague and more relatable – have I succeeded? Let me know!

  2. Oh dear – I hope it’s a mild case and quickly thrown off. Take care of yourself. Definitely a relatable song, so you’ve ticked your box. I hope you are not forsaking the vague entirely – I like vague ones too.

  3. Thanks Kris… looks like I got the vocal down in time… I was wondering why I couldn’t manage any low notes yesterday! All good, looks like a week on the sofa eating biscuits and watching dull factual documentaries on, er hatmaking, or costermongers.

  4. Thanks Charlotte, I had fun writing the lines to this. Funnily enough it started as a gentle pastoral folk thing about Misty half remembered hills, or something, and then went thrashy and hyper personal, all in the blink of an eye.

  5. Kris, I’ll see what I can do. “And the emperor stood naked, and the courtiers just stared/His birthday suit embellished, By the eels writhing in his hair/And the costermonger chuckled and jingled the golden coins about, it’s just a fever dream from an inconvenient COVID bout”… I’ll fix the ways the lines scan when the tune is sorted. Next verse please @KrisKing

  6. Hi Louise, thanks for the kind words. I’m vaguely thinking of re cooking this as a main competition entry, as the one I was planning turned into a total drone fest. It was great when I wrote it, really exciting, but once recorded it sounds dreary and dull.

  7. I really enjoyed your song & the clever way you married the video with it. You’ve certainly reflected our experiences; we change so gradually, almost imperceptibly. And then… who is this we’re looking at? Where did I go? We’ll done indeed for capturing that strange feeling.

  8. Hey Cath! Thank you… voice is a bit off as I was coming down with Covid. Being relatable is a problem for me, lyrically, many of my songs have no fixed point of reference, so I’m glad that this one “landed”. I think its combination of the workshops and listening to the wisdom and talent of others, for which I’m grateful!

  9. Definitely more relateable Ian and very well put together. I really wish the mirtor would lie! It s far too truthful. I found myself singing along with the chorus and harmonies which is a good sign.
    Your video was simple and effective too.
    Especial well done for putting it all together whilst recovering from Covid too. I only had a cold and I resorted to the full gurning, up the nose, live in my study, film. ?

  10. Hi Heather, thanks for the kind comments, I’m actually redoing it, perhaps as a competition entry,with a different singer. There’s another song in the mix, with a better tune, but I’m quite liking the directness of this song, it’s quite accessible. The other one is light and poppy… quite strange for me 🙂