Millpond Sailor

As the sailor grows older he longs for calmer seas.


  1. At first I wasn’t enamoured with the heavy use of delay on the vocal, but I love the lyric and idea of the ‘Millpond Sailor’ and the hypnotic effect drew me in to the end.

  2. I always look forward to hearing your songs each month Kris – I just love your signature vocal style. The lyrics are, as always, very evocative. I’m not entirely convinced by the echo on the vocals, but that’s probably just my ridiculous obsession with wanting everything played straight and simple.

  3. I loved that Kris. Another great song I actually liked the delay on the voice. Worked with the 3/4 timing. Perhaps pull the high frequency on it a bit, add some reverb and boom👌 (Talking about the delay only) 😁👍

  4. Cheers all. I sort of was trying to convince myself the delay creates a wave effect – but I suspect that really it was my contrary little soul rebelling against the idea of “keep the video pure and unprocessed”. Demon on my shoulder was whispering into my ear and giggling wickedly… Phil – I will have a tinker with that reverb stuff – ooh I shall roll in that ‘reverb and boom’ like a dog in a fox-mess! Woof!

  5. Hi Kris, This is a really interesting piece that is quite hypnotic (I guess that is due to the echo). Your voice has never sounded better – it is as clear as a bell. I guess all us Tisters are millpond sailors! Really lovely song. Cheers.

  6. “Like a dog in a fox-mess” Never heard reverb and delay described like that before. Like everyone else I expected the delay to get annoying after a while but it works beautifully. “Wild unruly ways” – great line. I kept thinking “Mary Chapin Carpenter”. Your voice and delivery are very similar (and that is a VERY good thing!)

  7. No wake to betray my passing – what a powerful line. I think this is my favourite song of yours. I absolutely love your voice on this (with echo or not but I like it) it sounds beautiful in this intimate set up.

  8. Written and sung like a poet would savour the words reciting a poem! Your vocal is as captivating as ever. This has a very lovely repeating melody that’s quite hypnotic and has a mesmerising gentle lilt, in keeping with the sailing theme. Enjoyed this!

  9. This is wonderful, Kris! You’ve woven lyrics, melody, accompaniment all together to create, for me, something magical. I was totally drawn into the world you created. Original & beautiful, as you always are. That echo is perfect. Sorry if I sound a bit over-the-top but you’ve cast a spell over me.

  10. Lovely song, I think the delay works exactly as you’ve expressed it, to suggest a relentless wave. in my head this is being sung as the protagonist is slowly descending into the murky depths. Brilliant