Memories don’t know

Congratulations again to Tracy Dillon for last months beautiful winning song.

In a first for for me, I’m trying to teach myself finger picking! Very slow but hopefully steady. I’ve been driving myself and everyone (esp the dog) mad all week trying to nail it 🤪. It felt like the right accompaniment for this rather sad response to the #Lovesongchallenge

I started with the exploration of whether love is really worth the pain when it goes wrong (better to and loved and lost ……..) and this is what popped out.

As ever, very much welcome feedback on the song (worth sticking with?) the finger picking and anything else you feel relevant. I’ll pop the words below.

Memories Don't Know


  1. This is lovely Rebecca. Beautiful tune, and singing (as ever). Keep persevering with the fingerpicking – it sounds great! And a thoughtful twist on the ‘better to have loved and lost’ idea – very well-crafted lyrics.

  2. You have a real talent for songwriting Rebecca. This is a lovely song, with the melodies and the lyrics really well crafted. Classic structure of VCVCBC is a winner every time for me.

  3. Beautiful, very moving, had a few listens and it just gets better every time (was fantastic on the first listen) the finger picked tenor is beautifully understated and makes the lyrics and vocal all the more powerful.

  4. Ouch! That’s so beautiful and the simple guitar works so well with it. Your voice just glides seamlessly through the whole song. Chris and I will listen together on Facebook but I couldn’t resist a sneaky peek! ❤️

  5. Nothing wrong with your picking, it sounds good. Sure the dog forgave you when she heard the final product (unlike my cat, who is very snooty about my playing). Lovely song, sad, but really pretty.

  6. Is this worth “sticking with?”…..Like super glue it is! It’s gorgeous. I know this is a song writing forum but your performance, like a lot of others on here, is absolute loveliness. Thank you

  7. That’s fantastic! Carry on doing just what you are doing. Perfect use of the tenor guitar. Very economical use of notes, with wide spaced chords, and perfectly complimenting the voice. Voice spot on and focused. Beautiful, terribly sad song, but hey, that’s love for you.

  8. Just passing through on my way to listening to everyone else’s and just want to thankyou all very much for taking the time to listen and leave a comment. It’s very much appreciated and sorry I can’t reply individually ❤️

  9. Another beauty, Bec. Your finger-picking is beautiful. I think the emotion and poignancy don’t need an over-complicated arrangement. I’m glad you chose the tenor & finger-picking for this. The perfect match. 😘

  10. My first vote in this competition and what a tough choice it was. I tried my best to listen to all the songs from start to finish as it’s an education as well as a pleasure, but I came back to you Rebecca (several times) got the sheer simplicity, sweet melody and the effortless emotion. Well done you.

  11. Another big thank-you to folks who have taken the time to listen and comment, I am very grateful to this wonderful community who have really built my confidence as a song writer, particularly lyrics which I really struggle with and agonise over. Every comment is a little win, even when its constructive feedback. Thanks again

  12. This is beautiful and a worthy winner. The words, melody, voice and finger picking work perfectly together. What I particularly like is that, unlike a lot of people who write songs ‘in the style of’ a particular artist or genre, this is a song that stands on it’s own and reflects you and your music not anyone elses. Wonderful. 😀

    1. Oh thanks you so much. That’s made me quite emotional, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment even after the end of the “competition”. And it appears I can actually reply to you directly which is a wonderful upgrade to this site!