Melody 1 – Don’t Wish in the Dark

I’ve called this Don’t Wish In the Dark and my intention was that it would be about not making big fateful decisions and/or only seeing the worst of things when you’re alone and frightened and down. A prompt that things WILL look better in the morning. Or the next morning… 😉


  1. Great introduction and lovely melody that feels full of emotion. I like the variation around 1:16 and it would be great to hear this as a completed song with lyrics😃

  2. Interesting melody. I like the rich sound you achieve in all you play Chris. Would be good to hear this with a click track so that other instruments could be added and the the vocal rhythm can be developed. Feels like it would. Build in positivity as the lyric develops to a crescendo and happy ending. As a humble guitar player I probably see things very differently to you but this is the start of a great piece. Love it! Mal

  3. There are some great themes and ideas in this Chris. I’m thinking it might be quite tough to add lyrics to this in isolation and that the ideal scenario would be the lyricist to be in the room with you creating and adapting in real time so to speak. Now that’s when creative sparks would fly I am sure!

  4. Yeah! Can hear a powerful vocal over this as your music gives it space to be adventurous. Some wonderful switches in the melody throughout. I think the theme you suggest fits with the sound.

  5. around 30s When, darkness falls
    When you’re tired of feeling small
    The shadows creep up against the wall
    The night time will give way
    There’ll be another day
    Though things look stark
    Don’t go wishing in the dark

    Or something like that.

  6. Lots of scope for drama in that melody, Chris. Those musical roots are deep in the soil of your soul. We’ve all wished in the dark at some point and found the daylight scattered our dreams. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops!