Mazarine Blue

The Mazarine Blue is a butterfly, which has recently been added to the highly endangered list, along with several others, the large Tortoiseshell, the Chequered Skipper etc. The rate at which species are becoming extinct is frightening and fills me with regret. Bio diversity is vital for our survival and for the planets ecosystem. While we are distracted by petty political dischords, the planet is slowly coming apart. I make no apologies for creating a sad song because this is a sad situation.
Anyway, I’m persisting with the guitar (I’m up to nearly seven chords now!). There is a “circular” form to the song which I find very appealing and I have phrased the lyrics to flow between verse and chorus. I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Cath! Thank you – it’s something I really care about and yet it is knocked off the news completely.
    Guitar is coming along slowly so thank you for the encouragement xx

  2. This is beautifully poignant song with a very relevant message! And your guitar is nicely rhythmic. I run a very ‘relaxed garden’ and enjoy the resulting wildlife in it.

  3. Thank you for writing this poignant tribute to the Mazarine Blue, Simon. Within my lifetime, I’ve been saddened but he decline within the butterfly population and delight in the butterflies that grace our garden with their presence these days. This is a beautiful song and the last one I’ll listen to tonight before turning in. Maybe I’ll dream of Mazarine Blues. That would be perfect. Xx