Malala, I Am Strong

This is a song about Malala Yousafzai. The young girl who was shot by the Taliban for advocating for equal education for girls and boys in her home country. After reading her book, “I Am Malala”, I was so impressed with her strength, courage, and resolve. Her cause was a wake up call for me, and it inspired me to write this song.


  1. After I wrote this song, I had a friend in the music business look around for a person who they thought would be a good fit as a singer. They recommended this one and she did a great job. She has since moved on to Nashville and is doing quite well. I still have her do my demos, but now it’s long distance.

  2. Brilliant song Steve, such a positive message that supports Malala’s own, and your friend has a wonderful voice. You need to get this in front of Alicia Keys, Bette Midler, or Celine Dion (somehow), as this is a fantastic song that would skyrocket given the right platform.