Mal Price

I have written this original song for the historical figure challenge. It’s a tribute to John Lennon in a conversational style mainly. Tried out a bit of self harmony this month and challenged myself with a busy riffy chord thing! I’d like to produce it properly but it’s been a bit of a rush job. Anyway I hope you like it and look forward to your feedback.

Thank you



  1. Thanks Kris and Anne for your kind comments. I spent quite a bit of time on the lyrics to make every line a relevant part of Lennons story. Tried to write it like it’s a catch up over a cup tea! So pleased someone likes it. 😁

  2. Thanks Hew. It was a bit rushed to be honest and the EQ was a bit rough. Sounds ok on a phone though. It’s great to have some positive feedback.

    Thank you


  3. One of the most creative guitar sounds I’ve heard in this month’s competition, and mixed in tune with your uniqely-different singing voice rocks steady. Really enjoyed this one, Mal, and how you brought the death of a legend to life in song with some clever words and special phrasing.

  4. I’m not a guitarist but I imagine that was some feat to hang onto that riff and sing at the same time. Sounds great! I like the way you split the repetition up with the bridge. I can tell you are a fan because the lyrics come across with a lot of love and compassion. A lovely tribute.

  5. Thanks Rebecca

    You are right singing over the riff was a bit tricky. I’m no guitarist either. Trying to challenge my performance for open mics where the majority of performers just strum. If you get a chance google Julian singing imagine for Ukraine a song he said he would never perform. I found it emotional. Thanks for your comments.

    I’m very surprised your song didn’t get shortlisted in the annual competition by the way. Just remember England didn’t give ABBA any points in Eurovision and sometimes real gems get overlooked.


  6. Oh blimey, sorry Mal I missed your song during the competition. Just listened. Love that riff, its really cool and a great Lennon tribute. “Imagine” you have 6 votes!