Make Me Your Monster

A Frankenstein take on a co-dependent relationship! I dithered so much about what to enter but in the end I went for one that I LIKE rather than trying to work out what might appeal to the judges!. 😉


  1. You are so accomplished Chris. Really clever lyrics on a tricky topic. So glad you chose a song for yourself and not for others. It’s so hard to do that in a competition isn’t it….I had the same battle and in the end, did the same as you.
    Great song, good luck. X

  2. Lyrics:

    Do your work on me
    Fake the faker
    Cut your pattern into
    A Facsimile of me

    Doll me up and stretch me out
    Give your pain away
    Push it down into my heart
    I got pins and needles

    Sew me up in static dreams
    Leave me in stitches
    Flailing and failing at the seams


    The fake needs surgery
    The operation’s not for me
    Tell me what you want me
    What you need me to be…

    Yours to play with
    Stitch your pain away

    I’m hanging on by a thread
    With borrowed bits and pieces
    It’s the night of the living dead

    Sew me up in static dreams
    And leave me in stiches
    Flailing, and failing at the seams…

  3. Love this Chris, brilliant handling of the subject matter and another emotion packed performance. I went the same way and picked one I liked for the comp too! Good luck.