Love Cage


Hope you enjoy this effort. A kinda anti-freedom dysfunctional dependency love song for ya.

This is "Love Cage" (working title)

Hope you like it. Thanks for listening and any votes!

Chris x

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  1. Ooh I love this – what an unusual take on it – will have to listen a few more times to digest it properly! Doesn’t half make one sigh with cathartic satisfaction at the end

  2. Top stuff, mate. I love the sense of movement in the song – you really know how to get light and shade into a song. Such a passionate performance, too, and a lovely melody, with some poweful lyrics. This is my favourite song of yours… so far! Cheers.

  3. Wonderful, complex lyrics and beautiful piano and voice. Absolutely loved the imagery of the ‘like a a kite’ lines that convey the emotional turmoil so well, I was totally absorbed listening, so clever!

  4. Engaging, complex, powerful images , woven together so very skilfully, Chris. You tugged my emotions all over the place. In my mind, I was seeing it performed on stage; there’s real drama here. Believe me, I’m not blowing smoke when I say I consider you highly talented. It’s a pipe-dream, but oh how I’d love to sit and listen to you live for an hour or so. Maybe sing with you. A girl can dream 😊💜.