Love As You Are Loved

I happen to be a follower of someone who preached about love and forgiveness but, even though I have strong conviction, presenting a straight up faith song to a predominantly secular audience isn’t something that’s easy for me to do. And, maybe because it is a spiritual song it won’t get many listeners or any votes for that matter, but I don’t care about the latter, I just hope that you can set religion aside and give it a listen for the quality of the song and the overall theme which is way more important than wether or not you believe in some omnipresent deity. This is my #lovesongchallenge entry. I hope you like it, Love As You Are Loved.

“Are we here to share our love or are we just passing by?
Nothing is too much to give and nothings too little to try.
Even if you don’t believe in a gracious God above.
You can’t deny the words Christ shared. We are better off with love.”
— Bob