Longest Day

A simple, sweet snappy reflection on togetherness, hope, love and all the rest. I love the equinox every year. Got me thinking… Who would you like to spend the longest day with?


  1. All aboard the ship of dreams/Until it’s bursting at the seams /Sailing on the rising tide/Away away away away… Chorus: Where we’re going I cannot tell or say/Until we reach the very end…/Of the longest day…Verse: Weight the anchor stow the oars/Put the sails away indoors /Journeys done, and here we are/Away, Away, Away… Chorus: Hold my hand and let us dream/All you need to do is believe/On the longest day/Solo…Chorus : Where it is I cannot tell or say/Until we reach the very end…/Of the longest day… And if the stars don’t come out tonight/And the skies are strangely light/Its just the planets equinox/On the longest day, far away, away, away. Chorus: How long we’ll be here I cannot tell or say/Lets just stay till the very end…/Of the longest day

  2. Wow, this is great – loads going on and the bouzouki definitely earns its keep. Very atmospheric piece. I always feel melancholy on the longest day, because it is all downhill from there. Given the choice, I would spend the longest day with Mary Chapin Carpenter.

  3. Excellent, a full sound even on tinny laptop speakers. I’ll be having another listen on some full range speakers later. Atmospheric. I do love a bouzouki, so much so that in about 4 hours time I hope to have one in my sweaty palms!

  4. Hey, Tracy – the waves at the end came from the video clip I was using, seemed to match exactly. And yes, sitar would sound great. I have too many instruments I can’t play, so I’ll pass on that one… Really interesting that a few people have mentioned meditative in their kind comments… the original song I starting writing was much quieter, simpler, more hypnotic… more like “Waves” by Mr. Probz (Summer hit a few years ago). Must get around to finishing that one, I held it back wanting to spend some more time on it…

  5. Thanks, Ervin – I’m the second best Bhodran layer in Hertford (there are 2). Its such a good instrument – no need for fx for different sounds. Just a different stick. More percussion always needed in TisT! Simon – thanks! I always enjoy adding a bit of production to my TisT challenges – they always seem a little naked without. This one sort of grew quite quickly from an acoustic demo. fun to make, and that’s the thing, eh? And Suzanne, thanks! As the lyrics say… “All aboard the ship of dreams”.