I wrote lots of songs for my wife over our thirty six year love affair. After she died, I was several weeks before I came up with one. I didn't want it to be bitter – I needed it to stand up as just a 'love song' and hopefully it does.

Yellow and white will find you, just like on our wedding day
Flowers in the shade looking pretty and bright
What am I supposed to say

'Cause conversations too one sided, a wind that chills me to the bone
Sitting in the dark wishing you beside me
But you're such a long way from home

So many sleepless nights and counting
Wanting to believe in ghosts
Empty bottles just amounting to
Losing someone I love most

Suddenly no even numbers
Fives and threes and ones
Honestly it's little wonder that
The hardest parts the moving on

Feeling so numb yet hurting, thinking how the years have flown
Everywhere I look, well I just see your things
Makes me even more alone

Talking to myself hoping that you're listening
Wishing you would just come home


  1. I’m working my way through the songs, and this is my favourite so far. Beautifully played and sung, and the lyrics say so much in under 2 minutes. I love that brevity, and think a lot of the 4 minute plus songs on here could be improved with a bit of editing down…

  2. What a beautiful upbeat melody for such a sad song, but a song reflecting on lots of joyful and happy memories. Something that I’m sure many of us TisTers can reflect on. I don’t know how you got to the end Andy I had a tear in my eye by “such a long way from home”. Thank you for sharing

  3. I often read the lyrics before I listen and on this I knew I would be moved, I wasn’t wrong. Very pretty and yet such sad musical accompanist. I’m so sorry for your loss, you love for your wife and her loss is palpable. I loved how it ended.

  4. Hauntingly beautiful. My attention was instantly captured by the opening chords sequence – that engaged me from the very first note. This is my favourite so far – it profoundly touched my heart and perfectly embodies the message that I feel you were intending to deliver. It’s almost too beautiful to describe with words.

  5. I love how the playfulness of the melody makes the poignancy of the lyrics all the stronger. I’ve heard it said that grief is the price we pay for loving. It’s a heavy price but worth the cost.

  6. Ooh. I do like be the simplicity and poignancy of this song. Some very beautiful songs are very short: Stevie Wonder’s ‘guitar never thought you’d leave in summer’, ‘Hey Little Man’- who was that? When you’ve said what you’ve got to say, stop. I loved the guitar playing and chord shifts too. 💔