Little thing called Love

A small simple acoustic number. . . Set up is simple: a bloke sends a text to his love, but she doesn't respond. Personally, I think a LOL would have done, but hey ho, I'm bad at texting. Song uses the word "love" 93 times (or thereabouts)… No time to make a proper video, so quite a generic offering… sorry! Any feedback gratefully received!


  1. Lyricisation
    Is it time time time
    For a little thing called love?
    I sent the text to you last night
    Three little words
    Burning bright

    Heart back from the lost and found
    Beating from the old rebound

    Did I say too much
    Its just a little thing called love

    Waiting for the sparks to light
    Watch the fireworks burning bright

    I think I find it quite absurd
    You told me not to say the words

    Waiting for the message
    Like a sign from above
    Will I be enough?
    For a little thing called love
    This little thing called love

    I check for messages
    are you there?
    I think I might have overshared

    Felt my old heart breaking free
    Perhaps I ought to wait and see

    Feels like time is running slow
    Wonder how its going to go

    Waiting for your message
    Waiting for a sign from above
    Can I be enough?
    For this little thing called love

    The sands of time
    trickle slowly down
    The clock ticks slowly 
waiting for the phone to sound

    Today could be the day
    Three little words are all I’ve got to say

    Cos its time time time
    time time time
    For a little thing called love

    Will I be enough?
    For a little thing called love

  2. Great song. I’ve listened to both versions and – being a bit minimalist – I assumed I’d like the stripped back version, but in fact I prefer the ‘full fat’ version which has a richer feel. Either way, the lyrics are great. Cheers.

  3. Thanks, James, Phil, Huw and Julie for your very kind comments… I haven’t listened to the full fat (®Phil Godsell) version for a few days now… I’m now 50/50 on which one I prefer… the orchestral version does feature a particularly grim duff bass note which I’m not proud of :(… The structure was interesting to put together – played it out on Monday and tightened this up a bit, less repetition. If anyone asks “who’s that by?” then thats normally a good sign, and a couple of people did come up afterwards to ask.

  4. Thanks Rebecca – I started with the idea that the song would just be about the 10 minutes after a declaration of love, but I lost that theme the more I played with it. Thank you for the kind words.