Lips Like Trout

TisT and Shout
So I thought I'd join in the fun with a ranting parody. One of my pet peeves is how otherwise beautiful girls ruin their natural good looks by over-using make up. We have many naturally pretty young females in our family & some not so young in our friendship group that deploy these methods/treatments. Until now I haven't found a way to tell them politely to "STOP! You look ridiculous!" (to men any way). So to the tune of 'Twist and Shout' I give you a very rough and raggedy 'Lips Like Trout' (it's just for fun, right).


  1. As mentioned on the Facebook page, this is a classic – I thought it was Lennon singing for a minute. The sentiments are spot on, with the fashion for make-up seeming to be ‘plaster it on’ (but then again I am an old git). You are the 5th Beatle, Steve. Cheers.

  2. I smile before I even start the song, Steve. That pouting pic of you is great! It’s a brilliant parody, written and performed to the high level you always seem to achieve. Excellent! ??? ?

  3. Excellent! I know a woman (no names!) that had had her eyebrows removed and then tatooed back as “permanent make-up”. Now she looks like someone has just goosed her – permanently. I heard of a woman who kissed her best friend (also with the trout pout) and the ensuing suction saw them having to be freed by the fire brigade (this may not necessarily be true – it was on Facebook). Love that early Beatles vibe – even down to the amount of reverb (or is it tape echo?)