‘Lingamoor Leys’

OK.. back from my jollies in Majorca! ☀️🙂 Left writing this until the very last minute (‘Last Minute Johnny’!!) Wrote most of the tune over there and just wrote the lyrics upon my return.
Growing up in a little mining village, we were surrounded by beautiful countryside and we would walk down Lingamoor Leys which was the gateway to a world of imagination and adventure when we were kids. I’ve thrown some other lovely childhood memories in there for good measure!

‘Lingamoor Leys’

Oh-oh, those summer days
We could hardly wait to get outside and play
The sun was always out, at least it seemed that way
As we turned somersaults into a pile of hay
We laughed away the afternoon
And we knew everything would be OK.
And with ease
We made our way down Lingamoor Leys.
A world apart was waiting at the other side
Adventures on a magic rollercoaster ride
The corn was high
We waved at trains rushing by
We ran a hundred miles an hour my mates and me
Cos we had to be home for tea.
Home for beans on toast
It tasted even better than the Sunday roast!
Dick Dastardly and Muttley, Magic Roundabout.
The News At Six and I’d be racing off back out!
A football was all we’d need.
I’d be Liverpool and Kev was Leeds.
Took a risk
To see what plays on Dial-a-Disc.
Barry Blue is ‘Dancing on a Saturday Night’
And he says ‘It’s gonna be alright’!
And so with ease
We’d make our way up Lingamoor Leys
No responsibilities to weigh us down
Trying to make each other laugh we’d fool
Home to bed to think about the day ahead
And dream about the possibilities
The other side of Lingamoor Leys
Down the end of Lingamoor Leys
The other side of Lingamoor Leys.


  1. Fantastic! I love this happy upbeat song. The chord progression and choice of chords and rhythm are to die for! The style reminded me of Charlie Dore’s Hula Valley CD. The lyrics really captured the sensory experiences and events of the day and many I could resonate with. I loved the references to the tv programmes too. I enjoyed being part of a day at Lingamoor Leys. Keep ’em coming.

  2. How did we ever do those somersaults? The agility of youth! Such a bright, happy sound that brought a smile of recognition. The melody & lyrics dance along and your chord progressions are wonderful!