Leaving the Sound

Departures from Plymouth Sound – from Iron Age traders to warships leaving for the Falklands and from Francis Drake to Francis Chichester. At one time they were all Leaving the Sound. I posted this in error as my competition entry. A senior moment! My actual entry is on my profile and is “The Apprenctice” – about when Bob Dylan met Woody Guthrie and absolutely NOTHING to do with Sir Alan Bloody Sugar.


    1. Thanks Nicky. I like to write “story” songs and my aim is usually to paint an almost cinematic picture. Looks like it worked for you. I can visualise the scenes I write about as I sing them. Have a look at my YouTube channel and the video for “Prince of the Waktzer” to see what I mean. Thanks again for your kind comments

    1. Thanks Louise. I actually wrote a couple of other verses – The Mayflower leaving for the New World and the warships leaving for the Falklands – but that made the song almost 7 minutes long. You can get away with that in live performance but not on a recording

    1. What a lovely comment! Thanks. Be careful what you wish for – I have a song called Prince of the Walzer about a love affair in a fairground that comes perilously close to that at 6 minutes and 42 seconds. Have a listen (Also with a Plymouth connection as the fair is on the Hoe, overlooking the Sound. Weirdly, the song has been downloaded and listened to in Peru! Maybe Paddington is a fan?)