Lazy Day

Lazy Day is all about being lazy and the potential consequences.
I recorded it at home on my computer based studio. Singing and playing all the instruments except for the computer generated drums, (EZ drummer), and the very excellent piano which was played by my good friend Andy Phillips.
The video is made up of clips from a great website called Pixabay where royalty free video clips and images can be downloaded, all they require is a credit.


  1. Really catchy. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Lovin Spoonful in it’s intent and vibe. ‘Dinners in the dog’ is a great line, and any video with a cat in it is fine by me! Cheers, Phil

  2. I agree on the Lovin Spoonful vibe. I like the backing “Ooooohs” too. Brave to whistle as that can be a nightmare to record sometimes but this really adds to the song. I use Pixabay too – good, isn´t it?

  3. Thank you Andy, yes Pixabay is a brilliant resource for pics and little clips of video, ideal for us songwriters to get something looking reasonably good. I’ve been using it quite a bit just lately. ?

  4. Great, great, feel which along with the lyric perfectly hits the theme of the challenge. You’ve transported me to a late night bar sipping a glass or two of something. Wonderful

  5. I haven’t been able to access the Tist site for a while, I came back today to find all your kind words. Thank you for all these comments, I have to say that I feel humbled. Tony ?