Kid By the River( The Bronx River Song)

The Bronx River Song
Music and Lyrics Gerry Segal © 2008

1) For anything in New York City
There’s something else that’s more pretty
More expensive, more pretentious, more effete.
I grew up way outside that box,
Living uptown, north in the Bronx
Like a moth I was drawn to the flame of city glitter
But I left something so unique

I’m the kid in the old picture
Standing down by the city’s only fresh water river
In the Bronx with my cowboy hat on

2) Biking down the river run
My boys were free out in the sun
No cops, no cars just me and my blue Schwinn
French Charley’s Field to Kensico
From broad estates to El Barrio
We rode fifteen miles along that dirty, murky river
Only scared that we’d fall in


3) As my older age keep coming fast
I find the future tense cannot match the past
And the banks of the river where I lived seemed much more green.
I took a ride to the river in my beat up Dodge
I saw herring in the water and a beaver lodge
It’s greener then it was before
Cleaner then it was before
Better then it’s ever been


If they made it cleaner and greener in the Bronx
We can make it better anywhere



  1. Great stuff. Distinctive guitar style, excellent vocal and lots of other stuff as well as chiuldhood memories. Intriguing balance of thingds being better, and yet not better, as it usually is when looking back. Chorus holds it together and offers the listner a good hook.

  2. Love the vocal and guitar work. Cool mix of live video and old pictures. Great story. The line about the Schwinn will resonate with any American boy of the late 50’s and 60’s. Schwinn was the “finest bicycle” a boy could own. Thanks for stirring up the memories.