Just Say

They say better late than never but maybe sometimes never is best?! However I couldnt not have a go at the #freedomchallenge this month as it marks my 1 year anniversary with TisT. Ive found this group to be extra-ordinary, so kind with encouragement and I know for certain I would not have done most of my musical endeavours this year had it not been for the support and opportunities joining has provided. I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to listen and comment this year, its made a huge difference to me.
Congratulations to Tracy Dillon for last month's beautiful song and setting the challenge. In response I bring you "Just Say". I put this together today having had some loose lyrics and an idea for tune and style hanging about since the theme was announced, but Ive struggled this month with both time and inspiration. Im not feeling filming to camera at the moment so Ive thrown some tracks into logic and created a video with some pictures made for me by the lovely Simon Glossop for my first single cover out this year, plus a few other bits from this year's shenanigans.
I know its not great, I wrote it for guitar with an entirely different style in mind, but I cant play it. (Any good guitarists on here? 😉) Therefore Ive gone for something more suited to keyboards. Any thoughts for improvement as always are very much welcomed. I'll pop lyrics below in comments.


  1. No romantic gestures
    No flowers or perfume just
    Two connecting souls that found their home
    And You had that little tell
    That I knew all too well
    Told me you had no desire to roam

    Many years have passed
    The kids the house the job
    Spinning us away and yo-yo back
    But You lost that little tell
    And now you seem to dwell
    In an endless tale of what I seem to lack

    There you go again
    Picking at the lock
    The ticking of the clock calls time
    You keep punishing and pushing me away
    If youre looking for your freedom
    Just say

    Escape is on my mind again
    In this old crowded house
    Of broken dreams and faded memories
    I’ll say that I can fix it
    This battered old relationship
    But your coldness sets intentions to freeze

    That last kiss on your lips
    The one that I so miss
    Getting harder and harder to see
    The turning of the key
    The clicking of the lock
    Spinning closer and closer to me

  2. Loved the late night soulful feel of the tempo, melody and electric piano that creates a sense of intimacy, quiet reflection and resignation. Loved the harmonies as well and the drum beat. Your voice sounded lovely. Great take on the freedom theme and a wonderful song!

  3. Another great song from the east Wales hit machine! Your voice has never sounded so soulful, there’s a country/bluesy resonance too, that reminds me a bit of Trisha Yearwood. Some memorable images in the lyrics too – ‘house Of broken dreams and faded memories’ being my fave. As ever, well done. Cheers.