Just below the surface

Hi All

I’ve tried to be a bit more “folky”this month with a bit of picking blended into chords with a descending baseline. It’s as close as I get anyway! It was a standard ABABCBD structure but then I dropped the second chorus and went straight into the bridge to shorten the song overall, conscious that people have lots of songs to listen to.

This was a great challenge (Thanks Andy)

In the beginning I had too many memories to think about but it made me realise how fantastic our instant recall is and how easy it is to relive a moment just like you’re there. Then I thought about playing my song (when written) “ live” and how everyone in the audience would have their own memories. Maybe they would share some of mine but their own memories would be way more important. So that inspired me to write a song to encourage people to visit their memories and enjoy them just like the T is T challenge did for me. Overall I wanted this to be a positive song.

Hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments.



  1. I did enjoy it Mal. I love the melody and your guitar playing – the whole production is great. I’m going to be listening to this one a few times 😃

  2. Good one Malster.
    You’re right. When we start thinking of all the things that we’ve experienced as kids. It’s hard to leave anything out!
    Nicely played on the guitar also 😁👍

  3. Lovely song – and a great title. Nice guitar playing and a strong vocal….You remind me of someone..but I can’t think who! Anyway, well done – it’s a very strong song. I’m glad you kept it ‘stripped back’.

  4. Lots of relatable images there, I threw parties for dolls AND climbed those trees 😃. I love the encouragement to delve into memories and the title really works. Really enjoyed this Mal.