Just Another Sunday

My dad used to visit us for Sunday dinner every week for many years. He didn't even want to go out to eat at a restaurant.for a change. Here's a song about it.


  1. This resonated with me, Beverley. It wasn’t my dad but an elderly relative in his 90s with no children of his own. He seemed to rule our lives a few years ago & had much the same views as your dad as well as a very manipulative personality. There’s so much honest emotion in your song and you express a difficult topic very sensitively.

  2. This is so good! I can just picture it, having experienced similar myself. Clever idea to use the Mail On Sunday in the video. The ‘just another Sunday’ hook makes it very listenable. Love it! Voted.

  3. Thanks Paul. The phrase ‘Just Another Sunday ‘ came into my head as I was closing the door after one of his regular soapbox sessions. I wrote the whole song whilst washing up afterwards!