JUST A WORD by Linda Lamon

I wrote this song during a writing working with Boo Hewerdine and as the main subject is about the love that wasn't being shown by my mother, I thought it would be suitable for this challenge. Sorry about the long intro, I can't access the original recording at the moment, so I've juts got the YouTube link. It's not completed, there are things I would like to change, but I'm happy with the feel of it. I'll be recording it properly soon!


  1. Hi Linda, I love the way you took the trouble to give us the background to the song, that’s a nice touch. The song itself is very pretty and clearly very personal and honest. You remind me a bit of the late, great Loretta Lynn with your country influences and honest lyrics. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks.

  2. I do like the explanation. I told my wonderful stepdad that I loved him once, when he’d been really poorly. He gave me a big hug and patted me on the back saying, “Of course. You know the feeling is entirely reciprocated “. Bless. I never doubted it!!