Just A Man

Another song about Jesus (written by an ex-believer)… I sang the vocals and all the instruments were done using Band In A Box 2022.


  1. Hey Mike, congratulations on making your first entry. Love a bit of rock! Band in a box is impressive, a number of members on here use it (I haven’t got round to it yet!). It’s an interesting choice of genre (for me anyway) for the subject matter, I’m interpreting this as maybe a bit of rebellion given your statement of being an ex believer. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. I’ve not managed to listen to every song this month and unfortunately missed yours, Mike. Sorry!
    I’m still stuck with my guitar so admire anyone who uses programmes like Band in a Box. I found myself thinking of Jesus Christ Superstar & the “just a man” line in “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”. You create a foot-tapping rock feel & I can see you’re enjoying singing your song too. Looking forward to hearing more!