July Melody Challenge

Here is my entry for the July Melody Challenge. I have a title idea in mind, but will keep to myself so as not to influence anyone’s idea of what it could be about. The layout I had in mind was: Verse 1 – Pre-Chorus – Chorus 1 – Bridge – Verse 2 – Pre-Chorus – Chorus 2. Thanks for listening.


  1. Starts with the big guitar sound then sparse piano notes and I think about The Waterboys (“This Is the Sea” perhaps) then – somehow – I get a taste of Deacon Blue and I think “this guy must be Scottish” but you’re from Wiltshire so I’m way off mark but there’s a lot there (for me) to like.

  2. Thanks Rebecca, Phil, Glyn, Tracy and Alan for your kind feedback. I’m glad you noticed the Bridge Rebecca … and Phil, I had a listen and I agree with The Waterboys reference (… although no immediate Scottish heritage that I know of …).