John Jenkins – A Child’s Sense of Wonder

When i heard the song challenge word was refelctions i was thinking about when i was about 3 or 4 and i’d sneek into my grandma’s bed each night and she’s sing me “Here Comes the Sandman”, get me to say my prayers and i’d be in the darkness imagining faces on wardrobe doors, mystical lands far away from a bedside table mirror i could see and woken up at dawn by the sound of the rattling of milkbottles as the milkman drive down the street . It was a world filled with a child’s imagination that i still recall vividly. So here’s my song about that lovely time in my life:

A Child’s Sense of Wonder
Close your eye dream softly as you sleep
Don’t let the Sandman disturb you, don’t peep

Those reflections you see in the mirror
Could be lands far away and the milkman you hear in the morning
Tells you it’s a brand-new day

Close your eye dream softly as you sleep
Don’t forget to say your prayers or (to) count sheep

And that face you see on the wardrobe door
Is only a grain in the wood
And if you’re quiet I’ll sing you a lullaby
But only if you are good
And when you grow older
The “Man in the Moon” will disappear
A child’s sense of wonder
Close your eyes good and tight
Drift off, don’t fight and soon morning will be here


  1. Nice one John. Really catchy tune with some spot on playing from your good self. Lyrics are very evocative, too, which I think we can all relate to; I especially like the milk bottle analogy, which is so apt. Some of that wonder stays with us for all our lives, even if it fades over time.
    BTW, that’s a helluva book collection you’ve got!



    1. That’s very kind Phil – I think most of us try and hang on to those memories from childhood as much as we can. Re Books – Thats only a small view of them – It’s been a hobby/addiction collecting books for over 40 years as well as records/cds/other stuff lol x

  2. Good, man John! My missus used to be an academic librarian and I was a publisher, so our gaff is full of books, records, etc. I agree, we do try and hang onto childhood memories, and I think the older I get the more I live in the past (which may not be healthy). Once again, great song mate – look forward to hearing some more of yours. Cheers.

  3. Aw. I used to go and stay with my magical Granny too. There was a tree outside the window with a lamp behind it. The shadows of the branches used to dance all over the walls making wonderful moving pictures and telling all sorts of tales.
    You took me right back to those times.
    Love your lyrics and the gentleness of your song. ?