Jesus drives a Skoda

A bit tenuous I admit but the opening line came from seeing an actual bearded hippy character get into a Skoda and the song grew from there. The mine shaft incident actually happened to a friend of mine’s father in Tanzania in the 1960s. He and four others escaped. Sadly who several miners headed for the shaft which collapsed and they did not survive.

Would drive a Skoda
If he were around

It seems the common man
Has lost common sense
His moorings
Drift away

Follow the wind
Away from the shaft
There’s another way
Out of the mine

The golden calf
Is found online
Devotions are made
To the thief of time

The devil
Drives a Mustang
In Silicon Valley

He’s lured us all
To sell our souls
And like children
We paid

Take a walk
See a friend
Share a drink
Make amends
Paint a picture
Play guitar
Love someone
Journey far

©Mark Spruce 12/05/2023


  1. That was right up my street Mark.
    Enough lyrics to tell the story well without being war and peace. Space for the guitar riffs to show through. Good lift towards the end. Yep, good one👌😁

  2. A Killer Title, which always bodes well for a song, and this doesn’t disappoint. It is very different to the other songs of yours I’ve heard – not as many lyrics as usual, but it works a treat. Your voice has never sounded better, too. Cheers

  3. Hi Mark

    Just revisited this. It’s very original and the build towards the end is very effective. Think I was put off by the title at first. But it’s great. Thought provoking. Cheers. Mal