Jealous of Amber

I think this fits the brief in terms of themes (infidelity, alcohol) but probably just about squeezes into country pop. All comment very much welcomed as usual, I’ll put lyrics below I don’t think I’m very clear in parts, but I’m not in my usual place for recording, the builders are in, everything is in the wrong place and limited time slots with enough background silence. Happy days! 🤠


  1. Golden, like the harvest setting sun
    for him she’ll always be the one
    Ooh She sparkles in light
    and comforts him at night
    thinks he’s a better man with her

    I’m so jealous of amber
    Cos she takes away my man
    unrecognisable version of the one who took my hand
    He says he don’t love her but he makes sure she’s in sight
    I’m so jealous of Amber
    Because Amber is his life

    She can change his mood with that morning sip
    His world is so much better when she hits
    Ooh till that one thing makes him mad
    Denies that he’s been had
    She’s loving how she’s got him bad

    Lying to protect her
    Denying that he’s with her
    Satisfies his need through her
    She’s always there to tempt him
    Tells him she completes him
    I can’t remember how we were

  2. Hiya, This is very different to anthing else I’ve heard from you, but it shows how versatile you are. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Amy Rigby’s work, but she operates somewhere between punk and country, and this reminds me of her work. Like you, she is a great songwriter. Cheers.

  3. I couldn’t help but think that you may be the most civilized woman in all of country music. Your man and his “tart” are roaming free without proper “country” retribution. Maybe a slashed tire, or a broken side mirror would make you feel better? Great tune!