A late entry from me this month. I have been seriously challenged this month! At least 6 attempts binned and then this came in a flash yesterday. Firstly, apologies for poor piano and the poor video positioning, not to mentionthe squeaky piano stool!. No time, it was now or never. So, the song is called ‘Jackie’ and is almost a love song to the memory that teen magazine

Chours: Jackie, Jackie, I girst heard your name way back in 65. Jack, Jackie, you came to represent our lives.

To you we’d send our letters spilling out our hope and fears
Cathy and Claire we hoped would solve them all
We hung on every word they said, not knowing where to turn,
Gave us hope and strength to carry on.


2. Each week a centrefold to take and hang upon the wall.
This shed light Where none had been before
The glamour in those pictures, smiling down on us
Made us think we could be so much more

Instrumental Chorus

3. We waited for the door click
As your mag dropped to the floor
Into your pages we would disappear
The paperboy was long gone, reading stories of the war
You gave the girls tge keys for life for sure

Chorus and outro


  1. Jackie! OMG! My sister and her friends were so into that. Beautifully sung. Glad you made the deadline. It doesn’t feel long enough to me I need two months to develop things from a musical sketch. Mal

  2. Wow I absolutely love this song. It brought back such happy memories of my time reading that magazine – I agree it gave us the key to life – there was even a pull out booklet to collect each week called the A-Z of Love & Life – I think I still have it somewhere! I even wrote to Cathy & Claire once too! This is indeed a beautiful song, the melody was really pretty and feminine to suit the content. You sung & performed it with such tenderness and love – the keyboard did it justice too. Thanks for share about your six failed attempts before this one came in a flash as that will be helpful for me to remember not to give up as I usually do when I struggle in the same way.

  3. So lovely Cath. I loved Jackie, I wasnt allowed to read it until I was a bit older but I’d steal a look at my friends copies. The melody is beautiful and I know it’s not the point but your voice in that upper register is really lovely on this. Thanks for the reminder of many a happy hour in my youth 😀.

  4. As adults, I sometimes wonder if we really change that much? The seriousness of our priorities change, but we still spend a lifetime searching for someone or something to validate our deepest thoughts and concerns. Life is wonderfully interesting at every age. Good tune Cath.

  5. Good one Catherine.
    I took me back to mum bringing home my Marvel comic books after she’d been to the hairdressers and grocery shopping on Fridays.
    Thank you🙏😁

  6. I thought that was rather lovely Cath and the piano perfect for it. My brother isc 3 yearsw behind me and there is a 14 year gap between me and my sister so Jackie (the magazine) did not ever cross my path but the Jackie I married has just called down for her morning cuppa so here endeth the review!

  7. I learnt more about sex education from the Cathy & Claire page than I did from biology lessons! Us boys used to have lots of fun reading the problem pages, though the girls weren’t happy about this situation. Great song, Cath, has brought back some happy memories. Cheers.