It’s a Way to Go

Finally got a challenge song ready in time! This is a country ballad which is a slight departure from what I usually do (‘Bluesabilly with Move Over Dali) this is where it started:
I Fell asleep while noodling on guitar and then woke up with sunburn on my neck – all in about half an hour.
Began thinking in an Eeyore kind of way about things that maybe I could or should do. So a gentle philosophical stance taken here.(I like to think)

The Singalong/scarf waving chorus that I know you’ll sing along to is:

It’s a way, It’s a way to go,
Just do something that you know you know,
With someone there, in parallel,
Add that twist and time will tell.
I am indebted to my co writer John Lusher for his input on guitars and the vid.

copyright 2023 Foster-Smith/Lusher