It’s a crying shame

Comfort / Disturb, This one is definitely in the ‘Disturb’ section. It’s a look at where we are now through the eyes of those of us that are of a certain generation. The lyrics say it all really. ps. As you can hear I’m not a folk singer but I love the community on this website and I think It’s a great opportunity both to learn and to network. thanks for listening.


  1. The lyrics are great. It’s like Lou Reed in the 21st Century. I love the way you have soaked up a the Music of the last 60 years and just went with it. That’s what it’s all about. Take what you’ve loved listen to and make it your own voice.
    Well done. Love it.

  2. Creepy-good lyrics with infectious-accompanying music and solid vocals! Loved the tempo in this one and how well its sound and beat complemented the story being revealed. A great Ray Davies-like cadence in your voice here, Johnny, and meaningful Kink-like full-sounding song not unlike “Celluloid Heroes” and “Living on a Thin Line” all wrapped into one that is your “It’s a Crying Shame.” Great job, man! Thanks for posting!