Is there a Hallmark Card for "No Regrets"?

I started up writing a really conventional love song. I scrapped it as I couldn't resist the idea of making a long-winded Hallmark Cards-themed song. What would it be like to tell the story of a relationship played out through cards? Video features cheesy "inspirational" imagery. Sorry!
All feedback welcome.


  1. Hi Ian, You’re in a rich vein of form. The melody is really pretty which complements the subject matter. I love the ending, too, I won’t say more than that as I don’t want to spoil it for other listeners. I love the inspirational images too – I used to work in Christian book publishing and those images reminded me of some cheesy American evangelical images! Great stuff, as ever.

  2. Hi Ian, I agree with Phil. Such a pretty melody which complements the lyrics. My accent impaired American ear, was not able to pickup on all the lyrics. Could you Post the lyrics so I can enjoy your song, all the more? I like your interpretation of the Regret Theme.

  3. Thanks Bec… it’s weird listening to these songs 10 days later… so much more I could have done with it. And possibly, much less. I’m finding all the instrumentation a bit annoying now… Julie M suggested I go just Guitar and vox with no double tracked vocal. Scary! Cath has made a lovely version, much slower, so lessons to learn!