Is Everything Alright?

Disturbing rather than comforting, I’m afraid. A song about the uncertain future that we’re all facing. Written a couple of years ago and recorded yesterday in the garden.


  1. Like that a lot Glynn. Lovely guitar playing as always. Sensitive and beautiful. Are you able to post the lyrics on too? Caught most of them, but not all. Jealous of your harp playing – I never mastered the art – I just dribble!

  2. Thanks for your comments Andy, Annie and Kevin. And here are the lyrics Andy.

    People see and people say, look at what another lovely day it is
    Who’s complaining?
    People under powder blue doing what they love to do
    Happy that today it isn’t raining
    But out beyond the cloudless sky fires burn and fathers cry
    And mothers and their children cry way out of sight
    There mercury and waters rise to threaten both the foolish and the wise
    Here lives the lie that everything’s alright
    Yeah everything’s alright

    People see and people say, things have always been this way, it’s how we like it
    Why would we change?
    Doubting Thomas had a view, the view from here is matched by few
    And seeing is believing
    What’s so strange?
    But out beyond the garden gate, beyond the view, things aren’t looking great
    Fear and hatred fill both day and night
    And all unseen, though not unknown entirely, by those safe here at home
    Who trust the lie that everything’s alright
    Yeah everything’s alright

    People kneel and people pray, they pray the Lord their God above
    Will lead the way to their salvation
    But many are the chosen few and God’s a lot of work to do
    If he’s to save the whole of his creation
    And out beyond theology, beyond to be or not to be
    Beyond a common history, is there a light?
    The caring and the cavalier, the wary and the unaware
    The faithful and the faithless stare through blacker than the night
    Is everything alright?

  3. That’s great Glyn
    As you may gather by the stuff that I post I’m not a folk oriented writer. Nether the less I appreciate a good song in any genre. And that’s a really good song. Clever lyrics,👌
    Harp and guitar work nicely👍😁