Into the Canyon

Congratulations to all of the August competition Winners. John, Ann and Graham

Here is my September catalogue Song

Its Inspired by a movie documentry about The laurel Canyon Community of the late 60’s Early 70’s. That I saw a while back. The images and songs triggered a tangable nostalgia in me.
So wrote and recorded and album of songs two years back trying to emulate the styles of of some of my musical heroes of that era. This is the opening song. I’ve performed it in the style of one of my all time favorite bands, The Byrds. Hopefully it’s got the right sort of feel.


  1. Your song is truly in tune with The Byrds, a fine tribute to them. I remember them most for singing two songs by Bob Dylan, My Back Pages and Mister Tambourine Man, and their twelve string electric guitar sound. Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell, one of her finest albums, makes me think most of the music community that once existed in Laurel Canyon. Your song captures the spirit of that time and place very well.

  2. Like a time machine for the mind, oh how this tune trips me back to a Byrds era in lyric, sound, and play here, Phil! Fab little number here that really took me away from the everyday in the most cool way possible through a truly happening piece of music. Thanks for sharing, man!

  3. Definitely loved this Phil – so much good music come out of there it was a real time of creativity and you caught it with this song – Back to the long hair, bell bottom jeans, grandad vest and surfboards – does it for me!!!

  4. Once again thank you so much for listening to this track.
    You’re smashing comments really mean a lot. Got some votes too! Chuffed👌
    Isn’t it just great to have someone to share your songs with. 😁✌️🌻☮️