Health warning. I put this together last night and this morning so it is only the lightest sketch (scratching?) of a song. Also, I haven’t played the melody on an instrument. I’ve employed some “do,da,ba,bop” scatting which some may find distressing. I certainly found it weird. At the moment it feels like a bit of incidental music rather than a fully formed song. So I’ll call it ”Incidentally”


  1. Hey Alan
    First of all, great finger picking. (I’m useless at it).
    I think your vocalisations will help the lyricist with the feel and mood of the song really well.
    “ That was weird” is the sort of title I would use on my stuff! Might have to pinch it😂😂😂👍

  2. A cracker of a tune Alan! Really motors along with gusto. This is a very weird challenge 😅 but then I guess it feels that way because it’s challenging! Excellent job. Looking forward to hearing how this comes out.

  3. Love this Alan! Guitar part sounds gorgeous, chords are lovely, melody is lovely, very singable! I agree with Bec, the rhythm of the melody against the picking is very enjoyable!